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SHOW #485

Rooster Rag Special

On Your Way Down
Church Falling Down
Just A Fever

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Music Gumbo, hosted by Andy Goldfinger, on the Flying Eye Radio Network. Paul Barrere talks about the new album, life on the road and a little baseball.  It's a podcast so it is available any time.  Just go to http://flyingeyeradionetwork.com and click on the giant "Latest Podcast" banner to listen.  Or check out the Music Gumbo archive at http://flyingeyeradionetwork.com/?view=gumbo_archive.

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SHOW #484

Rock & Roll Doctor
Oh Atlanta
Candy Man Blues (Rooster Rag)
Rooster Rag  (Rooster Rag)

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BBC Radio London -Robert Elms: Interviews Bill and Paul - 07.03.12

audio quality is not so good.

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SHOW #483

Six Feet of Snow
Fool Yourself
Hangin’ On To The Good Times
Missin’ You
I’ve Been The One (Jackson Browne – Lowell Tribute LP)

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BBC Radio Kent - Roger Day:  Interviews Bill Payne and Paul Barrere - recorded on July 3rd, 2012

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SHOW #482

Let It Roll
Dixie Chicken (w/Vince Gill & Sonny Landreth)

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SHOW #481

Contest Winner: Rob West

Easy To Slip
Feel The Groove
All That You Dream

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