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SHOW #437
Date Aired: 07/31/2011

Contest Winner: Jeff Nations

Let It Roll
Time Loves A Hero (w/Jimmy Buffett – Join The Band)

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SHOW #134

One Love Stand
Blue Jean Blues
Woman In Love
Mojo Haiku
R & R Doctor (Eddie Money-Lowell Tribute CD)
Heaven Forsaken

“Off The Board”
Norweigen Wood Festival
Oslo, Norway

Just Another Sunday 
Rad Gumbo
Rocket In My Pocket

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SHOW #436

Date Aired: 07/24/11


Contest Winner: Blake Thomas


Join The Band  (WFC)

Fat Man In The Bathtub

Day At The Dog Races

Six Feet Of Snow

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SHOW #135

Teenage Nervous Breakdown (HoyHoy)
Mercenary Territory
Under The Radar
Texas Rose Café
Things Happen
Two Trains

“Off The Board”
William & Mary College
Williamsburg, VA

Skin It Back >
Fatman In The Bath Tub
Spanish Moon
Time Loves A Hero >
Day Or Night

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SHOW #435
Date Aired: 07/17/2011

Contest Winner: John Myers

Representing The Mambo 
Heaven Forsaken
Texas Twister

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06/17/2011 - Louisville, CO - Steinbaugh Pavilion

Here a sample from this show:

Willin’* > Don’t Bogart That Joint* > Long Black Veil* > The Weight*

* with Joe Jogerst from Leftover Salmon on accordion

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SHOW #136

Fat Man In The Bathtub
Cold, Cold, Cold
Rag Mama Rag
Eden’s Wall

Down Below The Border Line
The Ingenue

“Off The Board”
Main Stage
Grand Lido Braco
Negril, Jamaica

Under The Radar (reggae version)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Don’t Bogart>

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SHOW #434
Aired: 07/10/2011

Contest Winner: Dave Raney

Sailin’ Shoes 
Spanish Moon
Hi Roller
High Roller  (Hotcakes & Outtakes)

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SHOW #137

One Clear Moment
The Blues Don’t Tell It All
Hi Roller
Walking As Two

“Off The Board”
Beaumont Club
Kansas City, MO

Marginal Creatures 
Hate To Lose Your Lovin’
Heaven Foresaken >
Honest Man
Business As Usual

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Show #433

Date Aired: 07/03/2011

Sample In A Jar


Rad Gumbo

Two Trains

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