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SHOW #177

Shakey Town
Those Feat’ll Steer Ya Wrong Sometimes
Night Train To New Orleans
Hangin’ On To The Good Times
The Blues Don’t Tell It All Sometimes
Mercenary Territory

“Off The Board”
State Theatre
Portland, ME

Cajun Rage
Down On The Farm >
Candyman >
Down On The Farm
Cadillac Hotel



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SHOW #393
Date Aired: 09/26/2010

Contest Winner: plsbluesfan1

Gimme A Stone

Hangin' On To The Good Times

Tripe Face Boogie




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SHOW #178

The Fan
Keepin’ Up With The Jones’
Day At The Dog Races
Just Another Sunday
Boom Box Car
Two Trains (HoyHoy)

“Off The Board”
House Of Blues
New Orleans, LA

So What Tease > 
Dark Star Tease >
Dixie Chicken >
Bass Solo >
Key Solo >
Dixie Chicken  **** With Tommy Malone (Subdudes)




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SHOW #392

Contest Winner: Toshiko Yamasaki

Rock & Roll Doctor 
Two Trains
Straight From The Heart

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SHOW #179

Fat Man In The Bath Tub
Easy To Slip
Fool Yourself
Voices On The Wind
Night On The Town
Time Loves A Hero

“Off The Board”
Paul & Fred Acoustic Duo
Grand Lido Braco

Hate To Lose Your Lovin’
Cajun Rage
Sailing Shoes
Two Trains >
Rocket In My Pocket
Roll Um Easy



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SHOW #391
Date Aired: 09/12/2010

Contest Winner: Wendy Carlin

Spanish Moon 
Spanish Moon (Join The Band)

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Rams Head Revisited - Third FREE download










Here's another Free Download from the upcoming Little Feat Release "Rams Head Revisted"?
Presented for your listening pleasure, the classic "Walkin' All Night" first heard on the lp "Dixie Chicken".
You won't feel like "walkin'" as you hear this great new cut--you'll feel more like "dancin' all night"!

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SHOW #390
Date Aired: 09/05/2010


Contest Winner: Elizabeth Muenster

Oh Atlanta 
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Front Page News (Billy Version)



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