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SHOW #389
Date Aired 08/29/2010

Contest Winner: Melissa Rosen

Roll Um Easy 
Mercenary Territory
Be One Now




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SHOW #180

Drivin’ Blind
One Clear Moment
Perfect Imperfection
All That You Dream (Single Version/BoxSet)
Medley: Cold, Cold, Cold/Tripe Face Boogie

“Off The Board”
The Music Pier, Ocean Pier, NJ 8/2/04

Day Or Night
Daily Grind
Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Long Distance Love

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SHOW #388  
Date Aired: 08/22/2010

Richie Tribute Show

Gimme A Stone
Heaven’s Where You Find It
Time Loves a Hero




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SHOW #181

Easy To Slip

Ain’t Had Enough Fun

Brickyard Blues

Roll Um Easy

Day At The Dog Races

I Do What The Telephone Tells Me To Do  


“Off The Board”  

The Big Easy, Boise, ID 8/12/02

Honest Man 

Hate To Lose Your Lovin’

Time Loves A Hero >

Day Or Night



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Join us on Radio Margaritaville tonight at 5PM Eastern for a very special one hour Feats at Five in honor of Richie Hayward.
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SHOW #387     

Date Aired 08/15/2010                                                             


Contest Winner: Michael Stone 

Texas Twister 

Down On The Farm (Boxset)

Sample In A Jar



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Here's another recording of Richie playing with the "Justice League" on January 21st 2000....Day At The Dog Races.

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Here's a recording of Richie playing with the "Justice League" on January 21st 2000.




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SHOW #182

Oh Atlanta

Fatman In The Bathtub (Live WFC)

Long Time Till I Get Over You

Bed Of Roses

New Delhi Freight Train

Silver Screen



“Off The Board”

Dan Talbott Ampitheatre, Bardstown, KY 9/16/03

Honest Man

Hate To Lose Your Lovin’

Spanish Moon >

Skin It Back



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SHOW #386

Date Aired: 08.08.2010


Contest Winner: Benny Owens


The Weight  

New Delhi Freight Train

Truck Stop Girl


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SHOW #183

Spanish Moon

Old Folks Boogie

Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie

Easy To Slip


Heaven Forsaken

Heaven’s Where You Find It



“Off The Board”

House Of Blues, Chicago, 6/13/03


One Clear Moment Cold

Cold,Cold >

Down The Road

Rad Gumbo

Honest Man





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Date added 08.01.2010


Contest Winner: Chris Stobart


Down Below The Borderline 


The Ingenue




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