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Feats At Five Podcast Show # 356

SHOW #356 

Date Aired: 12/27/09


Rad Gumbo 

I’d Be Lyin’

Voices On The Wind

Marginal Creatures

Something In The Water (w/Bob Seger)

Feats Don’t Fail Me Now



“Off The Board”

The Blue Note

Columbia, MO



Fat Man In The Bathtub >

Get Up, Stand Up >

Fat Man In The Bathtub

Honest Man

Representing The Mambo Jam

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Feats At Five Podcast Show # 355

SHOW #355

Date Aired: 12/20/2009                                                                              

Teenage Nervous Breakdown

Six Feet Of Snow

That’s A Pretty Good Love

Forty Four Blues (HoyHoy)

Texas Twister

Let It Roll

Down The Road



“Off The Board”


Feat Fest

Eureka Spring, AR


Hate To Lose Your Lovin’

Honest Man

Spanish Moon>

Skin It Back

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Feats At Five Podcast Show # 354

SHOW #354         

Date Aired: 12/06/09                                                                            


Feats Don’t Fail Me Now 

Fat Man In The Bathtub

Things Happen

The Weight w/Bella Fleck

Silver Screen

Front Page News (Billy on vocals from HoyHoy)



“Off The Board”

Keswick Theatre

Glenside, PA



Hate To Lose Your Lovin’ 

Rock And Roll Doctor

One Clear Moment

Cajun Girl

Cadillac Hotel

Cold, Cold, Cold

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