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Here is a sample of my recording of Jonah Smith form
the Puck in Doylestown, PA on 02.20.09.

Special thanx to Mike the soundman at the Puck.

Visit www.JonahSmith.com for more inforation.

I am hoping that my efforts to help Jonah Smith out will
be an example to other fans of Little Feat to 1. learn about
this great artist: Jonah Smith and 2. learn about cross
promotion of bands. Jonah Smith is a BIG fan of Little Feat
and Little Feat is equally admirable of Jonah's work as well.
Opportunities like this should be explored to help expand
each band's fan base.

ps: a big shout out to Marc Joseph for helping to pursue
this idea of cross promotion.

pss: This was Jonah's first gig with guitarist, Doug Wamble.

chris cafiero  --- www.LittleFeat.com
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