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The Paul and Fred Acoustic Duo
Fairfield, CT
All That You Dream

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SHOW #319

Rad Gumbo
Cajun Rage
Cajun Girl
What Do You Want The Girl To Do (Lowell Solo LP)
Front Page News
Dixie Chicken (Join The Band w/Vince Gill & Sonny Landreth)

“Off The Board”
Grand Lido – Negril, Jamaica, 01/24/2009

Spanish Moon >*
Skin It Back*
Hangin’ On To The Good Times*
Oh Atlanta*
*w/Craig Fuller



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SHOW #318

Lonesome Whistle (HoyHoy)
Two Trains
Marginal Creatures
China White
Willin’ w/Brooks & Dunn (Join The Band)

“Off The Board”
Mexicali Blues Café – Teaneck, NJ 03/20/07

Callin’ The Children Home
Texas Rose Café
Cat Fever >
Last Night w/Paul on Harp




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SHOW #317

Fat Man In The Bathtub (Lowell Demo – Raw Tomatos)
Skin It Back
Cold,Cold,Cold (w/Bonnie Raitt – Lowell Tribute CD)
Don’t Bogart That Joint
Tripe Face Boogie
Missin’ You
The Weight (w/Bella Fleck – Join The Band)

“Off The Board”
Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA - 04/12/2002
Honest Man
Marginal Creatures
44 Blues
Mercenary Territory



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SHOW #316

Dixie Chicken> (WFC)
Tripe Face Boogie
Blue Jean Blues
Time Loves A Hero w/Jimmy Buffett (Join The Band)

“Off The Board”
The Music Pier, Ocean City, NJ – 08/02/2004

Shake Me Up >
Let It Roll
Long Distance Love
A Apolitical Blues >
Long Distance Call >
A Apolitical Blues



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SHOW #315

Fat Man In The Bathtub (JoinTheBand)
Fat Man In The Bathtub
Oh Atlanta
Oh Atlanta (Join The Band)
Spanish Moon
Woman In Love
Teenage Nervous Breakdown

“Off The Board”
Cerritos Center-Los Angeles, CA – 9/27/2003

That’s Her, She’s Mine >
Rocket In My Pocket
Cadillac Hotel
Representing The Mambo



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SHOW #314

Tripe Face Boogie
Trouble (w/Inara George –Join The Band)
Ain’t Had Enough Fun (Paul & Fred Live-Eureka Springs)
Hi Roller
Long Time Till I Get Over You
Truck Stop Girl

“Off The Board”
Barrymore Theatre – Madison, WI - 05/17/2000

All That You Dream
Oh Atlanta
Easy To Slip
Sample In A Jar



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SHOW #312

Let it Roll  (Winner: Barbara Blonder)
All That You Dream
Down On The Farm
Spanish Moon (w/Craig Fuller & Vince Gill-Join The Band)
Rock And Roll Doctor (Eddie Money – Lowell Tribute Album)

“Off The Board”
Magaritaville Café
New Orleans

Cajun Rage
Willin’ >
Don’t Bogart >
Long Black Veil >
The Weight >
Willin’  w/Jimmy Buffett



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SHOW #311

The Fan  (BoxSet)
Eldorado Slim (BoxSet)
Forty Four Blues / How Many More Years
Two Trains
See You Later Alligator (JoinTheBand)
Oh Atlanta (Join The Band)

“Off The Board”
Sea Bright, NJ

One Clear Moment >
Just Another Sunday
Under The Radar (ReggaeVersion)


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From The Little Feat Archive: 5-29-1995 - Tower Records, In-Store Acoustic Performance

05-29-1995 - Tower Records - Bloomingdale, IL

Setlist: Hate To Lose Your Lovin', Romance Without Finance, Sailin' Shoes, Blue Jean Blues, Cajun Rage

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